Frequently Asked Questions

What Equipment Do i Need to Use Your CCcam ?

All you need is a satellite dish pointing at your desired provider (ie. SKY) a Dreambox or similar linux based Receiver , And an Internet Connection

Do You Send Me a Card For My Reciever ?

No, once you order from us we send you lines of code ( C-Lines ) which you insert into a file on your reciever. That’s it you’re Connect.

How Does CCcam Work ?

Cardsharing is a method by which independent receivers obtain simultaneous access to a pay television network, using one legitimate conditional access subscription card. Typically, the legitimate card is attached to a personal computer or Dreambox which is connected to the Internet, and is configured to provide the legitimately decrypted control word to other receivers who request the information. This decrypted control word is then used to decode an encrypted conditional access service, as though each other receiver were using its own subscription card.

What SoftCam Do You Recomand Using On My Receiver ?

you Can use any version of CCcam to connect our servers.