IPTV Services

Change the way you watch TV with the latest broadcasting technology, ipTV.

IPTV Services

Access To TV Entertainment Easier Than Ever!

Considering the needs of our users having no access to cable TV possibility or having residential restrictions to install dish in order to receive satellite broadcasts, at Camdserver.com, we have tailored the perfect and afordable IPTV solutions addressing the needs of those inhabitants.

Besides, the variety of channels and the true quality of IPTV packages offered at Camdserver.com do absolutely fit the demands of expats unable to receive their native country broadcasts. We believe that To meet only a minimal of 5MBps requirement assuming that most of our customers have the aforementioned standard, makes this choice a very attractable, hussle free and budget friendly option.


This package is primarily designed for A selection of the most demanded packages from all over Europ such as Italy, Franse, United Kingdom, Germany and etc. It includes the leading European cinema, sports, documentary, cartoon and entertainment channels. a rich&large collection of VOD channels are also part of the World IPTV service.


In order to obtain the currantly up to date IPTV channel list, please get connected with us through using the contact form.